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A powerful project planning tool designed to teach the project planning process to secondary school students.

Users build a project plan through a series of simple steps designed to make project planning simpler.

Features include:

  • Creating and naming team members.
  • Designating project objectives.
  • Setting time-bound milestones.
  • Organizing, stretching and sorting of tasks.
  • Defining project threats.
  • Analyzing the risk of threats and determining resolutions.
  • Generate a hard copy pdf of your project plan.
  • Project files can be saved on a user’s local computer and edited later.

Flinders University – Project 21 and Concept2Creation

Our Role

Complete development of application including:

  • Concept refinement
  • Flash Authoring
  • User interface design
  • Graphics and animation
  • Flash
  • Actionscript 3
  • Dynamic PDF generation
  • Local file storage