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Kid-driven and teacher-guided, this image exploration application nurtures kids’ natural desires to explore, create, and learn by immersing early learners in a digital world of multi-sensory discovery and story-telling.

A clean, simple and very responsive interface is supported by the infectious avatar character to make the exploration of media engaging and entertaining. With almost 2000 images and hundreds of supporting audio fun facts, this application is an easy and safe way for children to explore and create. Point and click activities challenge and motivate students to explore further. Drawing on images, adding text, arranging images in a scrapbook and even recording your own voice allows children to create stories and share them online.

Teachers are able to review their students’ accuracy in completing activities and examine student scrapbook creations for evidence of the understanding of learning principles.

Reproduced with permission from the publisher
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Six Red Marbles

Our Role

Complete development of client and server applications including creative services, user interface design and character animation. Applied technologies consist of a Flash client and Java server, backed by a MySql database and communicating using Flash Remoting. In addition a separate Wowza media server handles recording and playback of audio and talks to the main server via WebServices.

  • Flash (AS3)
  • Java
  • Tomcat
  • MySql
  • Spring Framework
  • Flash Remoting
  • Wowza Media Server
  • RTMP Streaming