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Hotmaths commissioned Gamelearn to produce 22 targeted maths games to support their online maths materials.

Each game covers a specific maths topic for the Australian Upper Primary curriculum. They are designed as a means for students to practise and compete at a level tailored to their skill level.



Our Role

Gamelearn concepted, designed and developed all games from start to finish including the production of all graphics and animation.

From a detailed outline of each topic, provided by Hotmaths, Gamelearn was given the freedom to design a game to reinforce the key concepts. Our main aim during this process was to ensure that the educational aspects of the game were the primary focus and integrated into the game in such a way that mastery of the concepts meant mastery of the game.


Take charge of a bumbling farmer locked in a desperate struggle to sort his sheep into the correct order and restore sanity to the flock. You must move quickly! A sheep out of position will quickly become distressed and seek revenge. Play Flocker Now!

Popup Paintbook
Open a vibrant popup book filled with cheese, clowns, animated ferris wheels and a giant book worm. Paint the shapes using different colours to recreate the desired fractions. Each page introduced a new, unique challenge. Play Popup Paintbook Now!

  • Flash Actionscript and Animation