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Cyberbully zombies was commissioned to attract school aged children to the NSTeens site and introduce some simple strategies for combating Cyberbullying in schools.

Based in the school yard, the player must strategically fight off waves of Cyberbully zombies by planting weapons in their path. A Profile Deletion Bomb, Screenname Scrambler, Cell Phone, Ban and the Mominator are amongst the tools you must use to your advantage. Each weapon in the player’s arsenal reflects a particular strategy for dealing with cyberbullying and cyber risks in general. These connections are elaborated in an in-game almanac in the form of a class photo book.

Play now at http://www.nsteens.org/Games/CyberbullyZombies


Netsmartz for the NSTeens website. Netsmartz is a program of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children a nonprofit organization whose mission is to serve as the USA’s resource on the issues of missing and exploited children.

Our Role

Gamelearn was responsible for complete game design and development.
This included storyboarding different aspects of the game play for client approval, complete design and animation of all game characters, development of game engine and level design.

  • Flash
  • Actionscript 3
  • Adobe AIR for IOS